The Start Experiment: Day One

Overall, a successful day.

It started with serious temptation in the form of donuts, but I overcame the temptation and did not even touch them.

I learned a lesson today, thankfully early on in this journey, that I always need to be prepared and have healthy snacks with me when I will be away from home for a long time. Hunger can easily turn into weakness and makes me more susceptible to temptation.

I established my reading/journaling spot in our home on our brand new couch and am really excited to spend time with God there each day.

I am going to focus on one verse each day (in addition to other reading), a verse that deals with self-discipline. I chose 2 Timothy 1:7 today:

Fear is alive and well already, trying to bring me down. I’ve started transcribing  the “voices” in my head that keep trying to make me fail. The ones I’ve identified so far are these:

You can’t do this; you’ve failed before.”

People see you as overweight and that’s all they see.”

Life is too short to eat healthy foods! Give in and enjoy life!”

I am working on truths to combat these voices whenever they enter my mind so that I can “punch fear in the face” (as Jon Acuff says so fondly). And today I was successful. Fear has no place in my life. God has given me everything I need to combat this fear/doubt because I have Him with me!

I met all of my goals today and feel excited about tomorrow.


One thought on “The Start Experiment: Day One

  1. Way to go, Lesa!! We are on a similar “avoid-the-donuts” journey. I find that changing the statement around helps. Instead of saying to yourself, “I can’t eat donuts”… say “I don’t eat donuts.” Much more empowering language for your spirit. Hope that helps. Keep it up. Cheering you on!!


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