The Help Experiment

Our culture has become so individualistic and compartmentalized that we rarely take the time to help other people.

It’s rare that we even notice a need because we’re so wrapped up in our own lives and our own problems.

It breaks my heart that we are surprised and excited when we hear that someone helped someone else selflessly, expecting nothing in return. It happens so rarely that it is always unexpected and stunning. Shouldn’t the opposite be stunning – that we can ignore the needs of someone else without a thought?

And yet, what if the norm could be changed?

The Help Experiment is seeking to do just that: to make helping people the norm and not the exception.

Everyone has skills, talents, passions that can help someone else! From offering financial advice to preparing a meal for you, we’ve already seen some AMAZING and selfless offers from individuals.

Helping people doesn’t just impact the recipient – it impacts the giver as well (as evidenced in this video, for example).

Come, join us. There are no obligations to give. If you need something, you can also make requests to the group!

“Joining does not mean you must participate in any fashion, we would love for you to simply come on in and check us out! You never know, someone might be offering some help that you need, right now! We help because we can, we help because we should and we help because we feel like… you would too.”

We’re here to help each other, and by doing so, we just might change the world.

To read more about The Help Experiment, check out this blog by one of my fellow leadership team members.

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