Day Fourteen: I’m Thankful For…Four Seasons.

Preface: Last year I decided to express my thanks during the month of November for something new each day, as so many others have done before me. I never finished this series, so that’s my goal this year. I am re-posting the ones I wrote last year and adding new ones. This was originally posted on 11/14/12 (with slight changes made today).

After living in Southern California (i.e. the land of eternal summer) for seven years, I was (and still am) enamored by the distinct seasons that Pennsylvania offers. I love the transitions that happen between each season. I love the variety of colors that God gives us to enjoy.

I appreciate each season for different reasons:

Winter, for the opportunity to rest while the ground is frozen and the air is frigid…

Spring, for the wonder of watching the earth come back to life and for the colors that bloom…I have learned to appreciate Spring more than ever before because Winter feels so very long at times.

Summer,  for the adventure, the warmth and the lush green trees that cover Pennsylvania…

Fall, for the beautiful, glorious transition into Winter, giving us a month or so of beauty before the bleak sets in…

We serve such a glorious, creative, loving God who has created all of these things for our enjoyment and wonder…just another way that He shows the world that He exists and that He loves us.

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