Day Twenty-Seven: I’m Thankful For…God’s Creativity.

Preface: Last year I decided to express my thanks during the month of November for something new each day, as so many others have done before me. I never finished this series, so that’s my goal this year. I am re-posting the ones I wrote last year and adding new ones. This one is new :)

I have had the immense privilege of being able to travel extensively around the U.S. (38 states),
and to five countries (#6 in February!) outside the U.S. on
three continents (and counting) thus far in my life.
And everywhere I go, God’s creativity is displayed so abundantly!

God could have made the world black and white.
He could have made everything flat and boring and we all could look the same.
And we would have never known the difference.

Instead, He CHOSE to use vibrant colors, thousands of plant and flower species,
mountain ranges, deserts, valleys, islands, trees, lakes, oceans, and so much more.




We have drastically different seasons, providing new landscape every few months.



He created sunrise and sunset to delight and inspire us.


He created so many variations of hair, skin, and eye colors – all beautiful.

Haiti 2010

He created the zebra, the giraffe, the squirrel, the platypus, and thousands of other animals
– all so unique in appearance and purpose.


God is the ultimate creative.
I’m so thankful that He created all of this for us to enjoy, and even more thankful that He instills some of His creativity in each of us.

One thought on “Day Twenty-Seven: I’m Thankful For…God’s Creativity.

  1. Lisa honey you most likely have no idea just how much you are helping so many, by showing so much of God in your life, my Faith I thought was very strong already by life’s adventures, but thru you, I’m learning more Faith in God than I’ve ever known. I pray for you and your family in my daily prayers all the time. God Bless You, Brennon & Baby Girl Tori, and families.
    Moma Fran with all my love. 💘 🙏


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