Hurry Up and Wait…

We potentially still have 72 hours until we see the neurologist unless they can squeeze us in on Monday. Enough people are praying for that to be the case, so I am hopeful that it will happen.

Waiting is so difficult, especially when it concerns our precious baby. In a culture that demands instant gratification – something we are now programmed to want and expect – waiting for something so serious is excruciating.

And yet, we know that we have no control over any of this anyway. God does. God loves Tori more than we could ever love her and He alone knows her future. We are finding hope and peace in His promises to us in His Word.

He has promised to never leave or forsake us.

He has created Tori with His own hand and knows how many hairs are on her beautiful head.

He is The Great Physician and is able to heal according to His plan and will.

He is sovereign and nothing happens without His consent.

We are also focusing on the positives and not the worst case scenarios. She is still so alert and her eyes don’t miss anything. She is eating well again. She is sleeping better. She was perfect and growing for the first five months. We realize that this could all be nothing, but we also know that it could be everything.

And so we wait and try to stay distracted. We pray and pray. We hold our precious baby girl a little tighter. We thank God for the overwhelming support from our friends and family – and even strangers – around the world during this horrible time.

Waiting in the unknown is completely uncomfortable, but we also know that these are the times we grow. And so we wait.

6 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait…

  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers often. I am so looking forward to Tori’s smiles again when you get answers and understand how to help your baby girl feel better. I pray for peace for you and your hubby as you wait.


  2. Hi Lesa, my name is Erin, your friend & mine, Heather Kreider messaged me about ur baby girl. Asking my thoughts, because my son had hydrocephalus at 6 wks – he is now 15yrs old & just had his 1st shunt revision in Nov 2014- Please know another Momma is here praying for u & ur family – ❤️🙏


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