Praying for tomorrow…

We are praying fervently that the neurologist/neurosurgeon will call us in the morning and tell us to come right in. I’m sure it wouldn’t be detrimental to wait until our appointment on Tuesday, but we want to speed this up if at all possible.

Please be praying with us for this – and pray that the MRI can be done the same day. We aren’t sure if that is a possibility.

In the meantime, we are enjoying my mom’s company (she flew overnight from California) and staying inside where it is warm.


Our church gathered around us and prayed this morning. We are so encouraged by the messages we have received from people around the world who are praying for our precious baby girl! The songs on the radio today were so fitting and put words to our emotions. Waiting is hard!

Tori has been eating normally again and napping well if she is held. Still no signs of improvement, but at least there are also no signs of declining health either.

Thank you all for caring about our daughter and for your prayers. We serve a loving God and we have faith that He is hearing those prayers.



4 thoughts on “Praying for tomorrow…

  1. I have been checking the blog repeatedly hoping for an update. Praying so hard for a sooner appt, and some answers. Knowing what you’re up against is so much better than the unknown. It’s very reassuring Tori is getting some nutrition, and I’m sure you wouldn’t put her down right now anyway. ❤ It's amazing how so many people caring and praying can envelope you in such calm, but it is so, and this along with each other and God's guidance will help you through. Hope to hear another update today, of some progress of info at least. God bless.


  2. Aaron Kelly shared your prayer need with me via his blog. With your permission, I will print and post your last few blogs in our church prayer room here in Shreveport, LA. We’ve been following and prayer for Aaron and family ever since hearing of their trial with Hannah. We would now be honored to become prayer partners with you for Tori, and to pray for God’s healing hand to touch her.


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