Team Tori Day

Some amazing friends of ours decided to get together and plan #TeamTori day to show support and raise awareness for prayer for her. We are so honored!

What they are asking people to do is to wear blue (Brennan is an alumnus of Penn State) or pink (since Tori is a girl) this Wednesday, and to print out this beautiful doodle that my friend Libby drew. Then, take a selfie holding the doodle and post it with the hashtag #TeamTori so that we can see all of the pictures!

Also, as requested, here are the links to the sites people have set up for Tori to raise support:




We are amazed by how many people love our Tori and are praying for her. Please continue to pray for a complete miracle!

2 thoughts on “Team Tori Day

  1. Ah sweetie. I had not seen the last 2 posts here, so I am overwhelmed that you would post on my page regarding your heart to help missionaries with travel. Wow. I’m so sorry that I didn’t respond back with an acknowledgement of the uncertainty you are in the midst of, as I was still back on the prayer regarding ‘metabolic disorder.’ Sending you big hugs and love and thankful you and I both know a God who loves Tori and will hold all of your hands through this.


  2. Hi, Brennan and Lisa,
    Just want to let you know we are following and praying for all 3 of you! May God continue to give His Strength, Healing and Peace!


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