Update on Feedings and Surgery

We were told yesterday that Tori’s g-tube/Nissen surgery will be at 8am on Monday in Hershey. We will arrive at 6am.

Poor Tori has been throwing up most of her feeds in the past few days, which is obviously not good for her (or for our laundry pile ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha).


To try to help Tori tolerate her feeds this weekend, we decided to slow down her feeds from 3.5oz over 30 minutes to 3.5oz over 60 minutes. 

It has mostly worked thus far. She just threw up on me as I was typing.

Of course, this means that eight hours a day will be spent holding and feeding her until Monday, but she needs the calories and hydration!

Also, she has been coughing occasionally (not consistently at all), so we are praying she isn’t getting sick (it would be the first time ever). If she is sick, no surgery on Monday. I think it is just from her drooling so much when she sucks on her pacifier. ๐Ÿ˜„

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! We still absolutely believe that God can heal her and are praying that He will.

For those not on Facebook, here are some pictures from the week:



One thought on “Update on Feedings and Surgery

  1. Picture # 8 is so sweet…. They all are, but #8 she is looking at daddy with adoration… And kissing daddy.. Tori is adorable.. You all are.
    God Blesses.. Praying for you.


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