In Recovery…

Tori’s surgery went well and it took an hour LESS than expected! They were able to do everything laparoscopically so she won’t have any scars.

She is now sleeping in her recovery room and we are tempted to sleep as well. 😄 So thankful that she did so well!


11 thoughts on “In Recovery…

  1. Tori is such a beautiful baby! I am SO glad to hear the surgery went well. I’ve been praying my head off all night/day. Sending hugs, loves, & prayers to all of you!


  2. Praise the Lord! Following your story from England. Just signed an online petition to add Krabbe to the list of things that babies are tested for here in the UK. Thank you for raising awareness. God bless you and beautiful Tori. We are praying for you!


  3. Lesa that is the most beautiful and peaceful little face I’ve ever seen. Thanking the Lord for His provision of safety for sweet baby Tori. We continue to pray for her rest and recovery. Love you three.


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