First Physical Therapy Session 

Tori had her first vision and physical therapy sessions today.

The vision therapist helped us better understand Cortical Visual Impairment and how we can help stimulate Tori despite the fact that her brain isn’t processing images well. Tori loves light so she gave us creative things to try.

Tori then had a physical therapy session where we learned ways to work on putting her down more often, stretching out and massaging her hands, and teaching her to rest her head on both sides instead of just her right side.


As always, the Early Intervention ladies were wonderful and I know that they love Tori!

3 thoughts on “First Physical Therapy Session 

  1. Continued prayers for all of Team Tori. Your posts are a blessing to all of us who read them – a reminder that God is always present, even in the most difficult of circumstances.


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