Sorting Tori’s Clothing

Brennan and I have never had to buy Tori any clothing thanks to friends and family who have so generously handed down clothing and purchased adorable outfits as they saw them. Of course, I sometimes see outfits I just can’t resist, but it has never been a necessity, and we are so thankful!

Because Tori hasn’t grown as a normal, healthy baby should, I was running into some organizational issues: 

  • We had planned for certain seasons when we accepted hand-me-downs and she is now behind; 
  • The g-tube creates a new dilemma because anything with zippers or onesie-style clothing doesn’t work well anymore; 
  • She has received quite a bit of clothing in the past three months that I haven’t been able to sort and put away because she has not been feeling well;
  • Because of all of the above-mentioned things, I had no idea how much useable clothing she actually has and I had a mess on my hands.

I asked on Facebook if anyone might be able to come help me with some organizational projects and this was the biggest one. Today, three friends came over and we got all of her clothing under control!


All of the 6 month clothing is being washed so that she can start using it now that she is finally fitting into it at eight months. 

The 9 month clothing bin is only what will work for this summer (assuming that she will be wearing it by her birthday). 

And the clothing that will no longer work is in a separate container.

Thank you, ladies, for giving up hours of your day to help me with this huge project! ❤️

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