Rejoicing in the small things…

This has been an amazing morning so far – possibly the best one since Tori got sick three months ago. 

It isn’t because of anything huge; rather, it is the little things that have filled my heart with joy.

  • Tori and I slept for SIX hours straight. Six.
  • Because of this, I have been up since 5:30am because I felt so rested.
  • I was able to shower and get ready before Brennan left for work (always the goal, never the reality).
  • Our grocery delivery came at 7:30am with lots of produce, allowing me to start the first day of my diet well.
  • Our canvases (from our recent photo shoot) are being delivered today!
  • Brennan and I were able to help someone this morning – something we love doing.
  • Tori is being calm and not very fussy – maybe because she actually slept? 😉

I’m sure there are more things I could add, but you get the idea.

In the midst of our new normal, little things are everything. We will continue to rejoice always (Phil 4:4) knowing that the Lord is on our side.




2 thoughts on “Rejoicing in the small things…

  1. It IS the little things!!!! Especially for a busy mommy! So happy you and Miss Tori got some much needed rest!! May God Bless the rest of your day!!!!
    Love and big hugs!!!


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