Physical Therapy and a Bath

One of the greatest things about Early Intervention is that Brennan and I have a say in what we work on during each session. The reasoning behind this is that we know our baby better than anyone so we know what would be helpful.  


Today we asked for bath time help.

Ms. Diane had some great ideas and it was mostly successful.

We started out by slowly getting her undressed while I was holding her so that she felt secure. We placed her in the bath tub with a fleece blanket and kept her wrapped up, except when we washed her hair while holding her over the sink – she seems to like the feeling of the sprayer.


Brennan would then wash one part of her at a time, leaving her in her cocoon, and it mostly kept her happy. She wasn’t screaming, at least.   

We learned a lot today about how she may feel when we touch her given the fact that her nervous system isn’t functioning normally. It helps if we gently get her attention before touching her or trying to pick her up, otherwise she gets startled and upset.

It was a great and helpful physical therapy session!

Some other photos from today…   


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