Remembering Renee…


The mother of one of my best friends passed away at some point over the weekend. It was unexpected – Renee was young, healthy, full of life. She was happily planning Shannon’s upcoming wedding and was so thrilled that Shannon had found such a wonderful man. 

One day here, the next day gone.

This was a stark reminder to me that none of us are promised tomorrow. No one. Now she is with Jesus – the best place for any of us – and the knowledge of that brings comfort to us because we know we will see her again someday.

Renee loved Tori so much and was one of her greatest prayer warriors. 


She provided so much support for us from the day of Tori’s birth and was so excited about her arrival. She brought meals for us and offered to help in any way she could many times. 
Though I am still in shock that she is gone, I realized yesterday that if the Lord doesn’t heal Tori here on earth, Renee will be there to welcome our baby girl and that made me smile. 
Please pray for Shannon and her family as they adjust to their new normal.

One thought on “Remembering Renee…

  1. praying for your friend right now– that she will feel the Lord’s (and her mother’s) presence at this poignant time of her life.


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