Guest Post: Tori Travels Project

Hello #TeamTori friends and family!

My name is Laura Gutknecht, I am a friend of Lesa’s, and I had the pleasure of traveling with her recently to Charleston, SC for a relaxing weekend.

I want to thank the Brackbill’s for hosting me on their site today and for giving you a chance to support them.

This is a NO COST way to show Lesa and Brennan just how far #TeamTori is willing to go.


The challenge is this… take Tori with you… EVERY WHERE!


What do I mean by that?  

I mean print off one of the photos below and take her to work with you, on vacation, to the beach, to your prayer group, to the mall, on the train, and take her to your home.  

Then send your picture of you and Tori to WITH your story.

Your story: Tell us who you are, who is in your picture, where you are in the world at the time of the picture (very important), what adventure you are on, and tell us about YOU and why you support this family. It doesn’t have to be uber creative – your name, location, and what you’re doing is plenty, the rest is icing on the cake!

Take a few pictures… with your crew (or a selfie) and with your crew and Tori.

A few of us have been doing this already.






Why do we want the pictures?

That is a great questionWe will be making a book for the Brackbill’s to enjoyIt is really a book that shows the faces of their supporters so they can SEE each one of us cheering them on.

Extra Credit:

You can also post the pictures on social media with the hash tag#ToriTravels and encourage others to take on the #ToriTravels challenge too.

Please note:  ONLY the pictures and stories sent to the email address will be used for the book. We have a handful of gals working on this project so keeping it in one place is key to getting the book into their hands sooner.

How long will you accept pictures?

This will be an ongoing request for photos and stories so take Tori to summer camp, to Thanksgiving, and even Memorial Day next year!  

How many times can I send pictures?

Send as many as you’d likeOur goal is for Miss Tori to see the whole world through you!

If you’re the only ones submitting photos we might have to give you a gold star and edit out a few photos. Consider a warm thank you because we already appreciate the support!

Is there any other way I can help?

If you want to join our photo gathering team let us know at

Keep encouraging Lesa and Brennan on their blog and Facebook page.

If you want to give to the Brackbill’s they can use Amazon and Grocery Gift cards – they will always need to eat

They are taking care of Tori so anything that reminds them to take care of themselves is great too – like getting new clothes for themselves (Old Navy, Gap, Kohl’s, Target, JCPenny), books, iTunes (for worship music).

And last, but certainly not least. Cover this family in prayer. Pray for Tori. Pray for Brennan and Lesa. Pray for their doctors and caregivers. Pray for those who are touched by this family and need love and support of their own

Pray for love, grace, and encouragement to fill those in this family and in this community.

Safe Travels to you all as you embark on the #ToriTravels challenge!

Can’t wait to “see” you soon!



Pictures of Tori to Print or add to your smart phone:




3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tori Travels Project

  1. what a fantastic idea! I will be printing out her photo and taking her with me here in Florida…Maybe she will go to Disney!!


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