Tori Update

For those who are not on Facebook, I apologize for not updating the blog lately with Tori’s progress. Here is an update with pictures!

As of yesterday, Tori is 13.5 pounds and 24.25 inches long! She is growing! She is now nine months old. Some of her 6 month clothing is finally starting to be a little snug on her (especially with her cloth diapers). So glad that she is growing!

We attempted a walk in the stroller last week…she wasn’t impressed.  

Physical and vision therapies are going well and she seems to enjoy the stimulation. She did NOT like the egg (picture below) that Ms. Diane tried to put in her hand 😉

She is MUCH more comfortable in her pillow now and spends many hours a day lounging there.

  We are in the process of regulating her feeding schedule a little more in an effort to reduce the frequency of the feedings. 

What does this look like? Currently, she eats 105mL (a little over 3oz) six times a day, 3-3.5 hours apart (except at night); the goal is to gradually get her up to five 125mL (4oz) feeds, four hours apart, and to have those feedings on an actual schedule. Right now we just feed her whenever we wake up and go from there.

In reality, the success of the schedule relies on my ability to get up by 6:30am to start the first feed and has nothing to do with Tori. If I can start doing this daily, the last feed will be at 10:30pm, which will allow us to be in bed a little after 11pm.


I rely on the alarms on my phone for her medication schedule and now for her feeding schedule. So thankful for that function on my phone! 😄 

It will be SO nice to have some sort of a schedule finally. This will allow me to do things for myself before Brennan leaves for work (shower, eat, drink coffee, read my Bible) before starting my day with Tori.

Overall, she is doing well. She seems to be stable and we haven’t seen any progression of the disease lately. So thankful for that! We have adjusted to all that her care requires and feel fairly comfortable with it all.

We have also decided to try some Essential Oils with her to try to reduce her nerve pain. I am skeptical but willing to be proved wrong about their effectiveness 😉

Here are a few pictures from the past week or so 😄❤️   


3 thoughts on “Tori Update

  1. PLease do the oils.. I think I wrote to you about this before.. My adopted granddaughter has lots of issues.. Between the essential oils and cannabis oil and a lot of prayer she is responding.. she was at a point she was not responsive to much and was a tubie.. She is now off the tube, although I don’t think that was from the oils, eating by herself, responsive and even laughs without prompting.. I don’t know how they work but they do.. If you would like me to I could have my daughter research more for you… Praying for a miracle for Tori and your family…


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