#ToriTuesday Update

It’s been busy since we got back from Pittsburgh last Thursday! We unpacked and immediately repacked for a weekend of houseparenting at MHS (Milton Hershey School). 

Tori turned ten months old while we were there!


Tori had a rough night and day today. We aren’t sure what is bothering her but we gave her some Motrin, diffused some Essential Oils, and rubbed some on her feet. She has napped quite a bit in my arms since noon and that seems to be helping. 

Tori’s nutritionist came today and weighed Tori. She is up to 14lbs 2oz! She is almost back on the growth charts 😉 Tori is growing at a great pace and everyone is happy with her progress.

Tori’s Facebook page is almost at 9,000 followers and we are so humbled. It is such an encouragement to interact with so many people who love her! 

Because of her Facebook page we have been recognized quite a few times in public, the most recent being on Sunday at Starbucks. A woman came up and asked if her name was Tori and if I was Lesa. It amazes and humbles us that people remember who we are and that they come up to talk to us. It encourages my heart as her mama. ❤️ Brennan and I joke about being local celebrities 😉 haha. We like to keep things lighthearted in our home. 

We return to California next week for family time, including my family reunion on the Northern California coast – the 53rd annual! Most of those family members haven’t met Tori yet so it was important for us to go back again to introduce them. 😄 AND, Tori will get to go to the beach for the first time! So excited about that.

Overall, we are all doing well. ❤️ Please continue to pray for healing…

Here are some pictures from the past week:


2 thoughts on “#ToriTuesday Update

  1. I have never met you or your family but I feel like I know you well.You are on my mind often and in my heart.You are so upbeat and positive ,that’s what I love about you! Tori is very lucky to have you for parents.You both do a awesome job at it.Every night before we go to bed we look for updates and pictures….love all of them.You are always in our prayers!!


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