Happy Father’s Day to Brennan…

I knew early on in our dating experience that Brennan would be a fantastic father.

And he is.

He is loving, patient, kind, gracious, involved, playful, gentle, and so much more.

Since photos convey more than words ever could, here are a lot of my favorites of him and Tori…some out of order, some screenshots from Instagram, but all show his devotion to his baby girl in sickness and in health. ❤️

I love you SO much and I love how you love our baby girl. You are truly an unbelievably amazing father!

He was the first to hold her…  



6 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to Brennan…

  1. Happy Father’s Day Brennan! You are an amazing father and the love you have for Tori shines through every time you look at her and hold her! I pray that God richly blesses you and your family! My biggest prayer is for the healing of beautiful little Tori


  2. Those are so sweet! There is nothing lovelier than watching a great daddy loving his baby, in my opinion. I’m blessed to have one of those, too. 🙂


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