#ToriTuesday Update!

What a week it has been. We returned home from California early on Thursday morning, did laundry, repacked, and worked at Milton Hershey School Saturday and Sunday. 

We have had lots of house guests since we returned and will have more this week (including three bands through RYFO.org – we are a host home through this ministry – check it out!). 

(Outlands, from San Diego, stayed with us Sunday night)

To say we are tired is an understatement, but we are happy and fulfilled so it is worth every moment. ❤️

Tori really enjoyed California again and we were so thankful for the opportunity to be there again with my side of the family, especially since my grandfather passed away while we were there. It was a joyful time of reunion, laughter, and remembering. 

                                                                       Most of my family members have only seen Tori three times so they greatly cherish each visit. I am so excited that so many of them are flying out to celebrate Tori’s first birthday with us! 

On Friday, Tori was measured for her new stroller and apparently loved the sample one because she fell asleep!   
Here are some more pictures from the past few days for those who aren’t on Facebook or Instagram.



Last Friday we took Tori to her pediatrician to address the throwing up and to check her lungs. The doctor is having her take antibiotics for ten days as a precautionary measure against aspiration pneumonia. 

This Friday Tori will have an upper G.I. Study to check on her Nissen since she has been throwing up through her mouth so much. She will also see a pulmonologist for the first time. 

She is doing pretty well, overall. So are we, though we are physically and emotionally tired. 

Please pray for Brennan and me as we not only navigate this new stage of the disease but also the emotionally straining issues that have come our way. Terminal illnesses affect everyone differently and unfortunately it has caused some relationships to be strained, and it is heartbreaking. All we can do is continue to pray. ❤️

God is still great, and He is still in control. We have seen Him work in amazing ways through our baby girl and we pray continuously that He will choose to heal her here on this earth. We know you all continue to do the same and for that we are eternally grateful.

Thank you for following our story and loving our Tori ❤️

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