Celebrating Independence Day 

Tori has been SO alert, calm, wide-eyed, and content today! We love when we know she is feeling well and we definitely love seeing her big eyes when she has them ❤️

Tori’s cousins had sent her a dress to wear today and she certainly looked adorable in it!   

Tori and her cousin Jade matched today! ❤️


We are house parenting this weekend, so we spent the afternoon and evening at our friends’ MHS student home just down the street from the student home where we are working. Our boys loved playing with the other boys and we all enjoyed lots of great food.

Their student home has a perfect view of the Hersheypark fireworks so Brennan and the boys stayed for the show. Tori and I headed back to our student home to get her ready for bed.

We had a great Independence Day! 🇺🇸



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