Hunter’s Hope Symposium: Day Four

Today was a “free day” for families to do as they pleased. Most spent time at the pool and relaxed around the resort.

Brennan played golf with three of the other fathers this morning in fog! The course is also on the side of a mountain which made it a challenge. 

We took Tori to the pool again and she loved it so much that she fell asleep! She was so relaxed!

 Later, Brennan treated me to a massage at the spa here at the hotel while he watched Tori. I married so well 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed my much-needed massage and tried to just relax and let my mind be quiet for once. It felt so good.

After dinner the kids did a talent show for all of us and it was amazing. There were several beautiful, emotional moments and much laughter as well.

 Many of us stayed late visiting, holding babies, and enjoying our last night together. The hardest part about leaving is that we don’t know if all of these babies will be back next summer. The tentative dates for next year’s symposium fall on Tori’s 2nd birthday, so we pray that she is well and able to travel so that we can celebrate with our leukodystrophy family. 

Brennan talking to Jill and Erin Kelly about Tori while holding Collin…


 I loved watching the siblings of affected children this week as they loved on all the affected babies.

 Tori and Gemma had a sleepover on the table 😉❤️😴

Tomorrow morning we will drive back to Pennsylvania, but we are already looking forward to our next Hunter’s Hope Symposium. ❤️

One thought on “Hunter’s Hope Symposium: Day Four

  1. Continuing to pray for a miracle of healing for your sweet girl ❤

    This was such a beautiful post of hope and love and connection. I'm so glad you all got to be blessed by and be a blessing to so many amazing families. Love you all!


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