#ToriTuesday Update

We updated so frequently while in New York last week that there isn’t much to say today! 

She was just weighed and is up to 14lbs 12oz –  almost 15lbs! 

She is doing really well overall, and we are so thankful. 

Family from California and Oregon will start arriving on Sunday to celebrate her birthday with us. We are so excited for her party on the 25th! 😄❤️

Thank you for continuing to pray for her and for us. We feel your prayers! Please continue to ask God for her complete healing here on earth…we will hope until the end that He will do so. ❤️

2 thoughts on “#ToriTuesday Update

  1. Victoria Ruth, we enjoyed seeing your photos with your little and big friends from your time in New York. You are so very very beautiful. We continue to join with all who know you and love you in the simple prayer of John, echoed by us to our Heavenly Father on your behalf: May you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.


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