Tori’s First Birthday Present 

We bought Tori a first birthday present! (Brennan is holding her feeding equipment,because we forgot the pole).  

With the ever-increasing amount of equipment she requires, it became quickly evident that a “new” vehicle would be necessary. Her adaptive stroller doesn’t even fit in our current trunk well.

We got an amazing deal on this 2011 minivan (only 63,500 miles on it!) and we get to pick it up on Monday (there was a recall on a window switch for the van so they have to fix it before we can have it). 

We are so excited!

5 thoughts on “Tori’s First Birthday Present 

    1. Congrats on the minivan! They have a really comfy ride and good usable storage space!
      Was Tori totally not impressed so much it bored her and that’s a big ole hamster yawn going on, or was she angry and letting you know about it? It’s a great family photo!


  1. What a lovely YAH~mobile, as 3 of His choicest servants will be carted around in it. He, YAHWEH, is truly in charge, and He cares about every detail; this is so proof. Brennan, Lesa and Victoria Ruth, keep up the Good Fight of Faith. We continue to join you daily in prayer for complete Restoration. You are Overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb, our Messiah Yahshua, the Word of your testimony!


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