Dreams of Healing, Part Three

We have been continually amazed at the dreams that people are having about Tori and we pray that they are prophetic.

It has been awhile since we posted the dreams that have been shared with us; you can see all of the dream posts here.

If you ever have a dream about Tori being healed, please share it with us! We love to keep them in hopes that someday they will come true and be part of her story.

I have tried to keep track of all the comments about dreams that I see, but if I have missed your dream in these posts, please let me know! 🙂

I was holding her and she made a noise that sounded like a laugh and it looked like she smiled. Then, we were sitting on the floor and she tried to walk and was smiling and laughing again. (Lesa)

I had a dream about Tori last night. She was playing peek-a-boo with me. She would put her hands over eyes and giggle and grin. Tori was being a little show off in the dream.It was cutest thing. She appeared to be her current age.

I never remember my dreams, but this one was so powerful that it woke me with a smile during the night. I dreamed that you were holding Tori in your arms, and she was smiling up at you and chattering away.

I had a dream last night that she was laying on a blanket and raised her head some and rolled over both ways and everyone was so surprised and then so excited.

I walked up to a house and on the porch you were rocking Tori, and as I walked up she turned her head and looked at me and got off your lap and started crawling toward me. She was babbling and smiling and so active.

She was toddler age and and able to talk, babbling like toddlers do. She said “I love you” clear as day to someone, not sure who.

I don’t remember much except that she was sucking and swallowing like a healthy baby. Can’t remember if she was drinking or sucking on a pacifier, but she was healthy, alert, and had bright eyes!

I had a vision of her, about two years old, sitting up posing for a picture and smiling.

I remember her swinging on a swing on a playground, running with other kids and laughing. It was a beautiful dream.

I was dreaming in my dream, and the dream was about Tori, around age 3, riding a tricycle and singing; I woke up in the dream and my husband had also been dreaming about Tori being healed.

I was babysitting and was feeding her and decided we would go for a walk as it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I was getting ready to put her in the stroller when she stood up and said I will walk! I was jumping up and down so excited that she could walk and talk!

I had a dream just the other night. Tori and my daughter were playing together, running around, riding bikes. She was born August 5th and we don’t live far from you guys So it was a pretty amazing dream. Praying for Tori constantly 🙂

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