Tori’s Bucket List: Lake Tobias

We’re on a roll with doing things on Tori’s bucket list!

Today was the perfect day to go to Lake Tobias, a wildlife park about 40 minutes north of Harrisburg.

A sweet family who follows Team Tori contacted Lake Tobias (and the park donated tickets!) and sent us a gift card for lunch and a visit to the gift shop. Thank you, Firment family for arranging this and for the generous gift, and thank you, Lake Tobias for the tickets!

All ready to go!

You can see the full gallery of photos below, but here are a few of our highlights:



IMG_9224 We invited cousins Megan, Wade, and Alayna to go with us ❤


We walked around and showed Tori the animals, and she seemed to enjoy the scenery. Then, we went on the safari ride, which was a little bumpy…but Tori was a trooper and slept through most of it. 🙂 We were able to use the handicap accessible bus which had fewer people and it had a lift for Tori’s stroller to easily get on the bus. So helpful!

We had lunch after the tour, and we ate at the same place Brennan and I did on our first official date six years and one week ago. That made it extra special! We forgot to take pictures – we were too hungry and the food was too good, so we were distracted. But she had a picnic!

We ended our visit at the gift shop, and we were surprised at the number of giraffes they had in there that we don’t already have! So, of course we bought them 😉



Tori had a great nap on the way home (and when we got home) and awoke bright-eyed and ready to play!

It was such a great day and we are so glad we could take her on a little wildlife adventure today so close to home.



More pictures from our day (not in order because galleries are randomized, but you get the idea)…




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