Dream Dinners

I have been trying to figure out a temporary solution for meal preparation that would make things easier on us, and I may have found it!

We had a friend who used to have meal preparation workshops here in Harrisburg, but she moved to Florida and there are no other places like that in our city.

Today, a friend in California mentioned that she was going to attend a session at Dream Dinners and I checked it out. It just so happens that they have a store in Lancaster!

They have an introductory offer of 18 servings (6 different meals if you choose the 3 serving option) for only $74.95, which makes it $4.16 a serving! Brennan and I will likely stretch each meal into two meals making it an even better deal. Could you do it for less on your own? Sure, but I just don’t have the time or energy right now to do the prep work, honestly.

No prep, no clean up, and freezer-ready meals? Yes!

I will blog about my experience and what we think of the meals after the session! This could be my solution for the time being and I am excited to try it out!
If you would like to try it out, click on the link below or go to their website: http://www.dreamdinners.com
Please use me as your referral! When you tell them who referred you, that person earns points toward free meals, and that would help us out. There will be a place to enter the email address of the person who referred you – mine is my first name.last name at gmail.com (not directly mentioned to avoid spam)

I am attending a Dream Dinners session at Lancaster on Saturday August 22, 2015 at 9:15 AM. Click the link to join me: http://dreamdinners.com/main.php?page=join_special_event&se . . .

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