Dreams of Healing, Part Four

We have been continually amazed at the dreams that people are having about Tori and we pray that they are prophetic.

If you ever have a dream about Tori being healed, please share it with us! We love to keep them in hopes that someday they will come true and be part of her story.

I have tried to keep track of all the comments about dreams that I see, but if I have missed your dream in these posts, please let me know!

You can read all of the dream posts here.

I (Lesa) actually had one about her for the first time:

I was holding her and she made a noise that sounded like a laugh and it looked like she smiled. Then, we were sitting on the floor and she tried to walk and was smiling and laughing again.

Here are the ones submitted to us recently:

I woke up knowing I’d had a dream about Tori being healed.

I was with Lesa and I believe we were at church, in a hallway or a Sunday School room, not the sanctuary.

Lesa handed Tori to me to hold while she went to the Ladies’ Room. Tori was strong and moving a lot, so I walked over to a bench against the wall to sit down and have better control over her squirming.

I looked down and next to me on the bench where I sat was a photograph of 5 children standing in the corner of the room we were in. One of the children I recognized as Tori, but older. She had on a cute straw hat & a cute little coat, very old fashioned. It felt like an old-time style photo of kids at Easter. There was a corner shelf above their heads.

I was very excited to see this photo and showed it to Lesa when she returned, and asked her if she saw Tori. She didn’t. She saw the other 4 children, but didn’t see Tori with them. Tori was one of the taller children in the photo, I’d say maybe 6 years old or so. The age range of the children was about 3-7.

Here’s what I drew to illustrate what the photo looked like. I didn’t see the faces of the other children, only Tori.

She was laying on her pillow playing a toy guitar.

Tori was a teenager and said, “um, mom, I hate to tell you this, but I really don’t like giraffes.”

 I had a Tori dream last night, too! The funny part is that it was in the context of how I primarily know you, which is through Facebook. 😊 In my dream, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw pictures of Tori smiling. Her nose was crinkled up, and in the dream, I was so happy to see her smile! I remember thinking how happy you must be to see her smiling again!

Had another sort of dream about Tori. This time I was at work and I was watching the Ellen show. And towards the end, Ellen and her audience all had pictures of Tori for the Tori travels challenge. Then she cut to live feed where she had her crew come to your house with one of those big checks for $50,000.

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