Bucket List Update

We received confirmation tonight that we are going to Disney World in September thanks to the Quinn Madeleine Foundation!

This was the biggest item on Tori’s Bucket List and we are so amazed that it is actually going to happen! 

We will be spending three days at Disney World, exploring, seeing lots of lights and colors, and creating memories for and with Miss Tori.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to take Tori somewhere every kid should get to go! ❤️

Her list now has more in the completed/scheduled categories than in the “need to plan” category, and that is so exciting. 

It will be a VERY busy couple of months, but it is so worth it. 

Life is short enough as it is, but it is even shorter (without a miracle) for Tori, so we are living abundantly with her while we can. ❤️

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