Tori’s Bucket List: Butterfly House at the Hershey Gardens

As we thought about what to put on Tori’s Bucket List, we wanted to provide stimulating experiences for her, for as many of her senses as possible.

Brennan and I love the Hershey Gardens and have been there many times. We knew the colors, sounds, and aromas would be stimulating for Tori, so we decided to go there today – specifically to see the Butterfly House.

We weren’t able to take her stroller in there so Brennan carried Tori around and showed her the flowers and butterflies. We hoped one would land on her colorful shirt but they didn’t seem to like the giraffes, haha.

She seemed to enjoy the sound of the water, the scents of the flowers, and the colors all around her.







Thank you to Tammy Helfrich and family for making this possible for us!

You can see more pictures in the gallery below:

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