RYFO: Serving the Voices

We were introduced to RYFO about four years ago and it quickly became one of our favorite ministries ever. 

It all started with this video coming across my Facebook news feed – a collection of interviews of RYFO host homes and testimonies of their experiences. I showed it to Brennan and we knew we had to be part of this!

(See more videos here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCh4CyYbZK-iy1FuuBbxdmIw )

RYFO seeks to serve and care for musicians as they travel the country. Musicians pour their hearts out on stage to their fans and we seek to fill them back up.

When bands are just starting out they don’t make much money – sometimes enough to pay for gas to get to the next venue and maybe some food.

Many times they are forced to sleep in their vans – in summer and winter’s extreme temperatures – because hotel rooms are out of reach.

Fast food and snacks are the norm for months on the road. Good nutrition is difficult to maintain.

It’s not the most glamorous life when you are just starting out, but they do it because they have huge dreams and they are taking their passion on the road, sharing their music and their hearts with their fans night after night.

Because of this, a clean bed and home-cooked meals are heavenly to these bands! 

RYFO saw a need a created an ever-growing network of host homes across the country, and we are one of them! 

Brennan and I share the mindset that everything we have is the Lord’s – including our home – and we love opening our home to traveling bands. We have hosted close to 20 bands over the past few years and absolutely love the experience!

What does a typical stay look like?

We set up our basement – we can sleep 11-12 comfortably – with air mattresses and couches. There is a full bathroom and a laundry room down there, as well as all our entertainment options (TV, Wii, etc.). We leave the wifi password in plain view 😄 

We provide snacks and water bottles for them as they are often hungry when they arrive (which is often late).

How much time they come up to visit with us is always up to the band – we know they are exhausted and need privacy and rest. But the entire house and yard are open to them, and we love when we get to host.

We may not appreciate their genre of music, but we love them and serve them regardless of our musical differences 😉 We joke with our metal bands about that all the time – they are reaching people we couldn’t easily reach!

The bands will tell you that these host homes are a blessing to them, but we can attest that these musicians bless us far more! We have met some amazing people through this ministry!

You don’t have to have a huge, perfect home. All you need is an open heart willing to open your doors to these wonderful men and women as they travel the country in pursuit of their dreams.

If you are interested in learning more, check out http://www.ryfo.org/help and pray about being a host home! 

We need many more in several areas of the country, so if this sounds like you, please apply today!

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