Tori’s Bucket List: Harrisburg Senators Game

I’m not sure I can adequately express how amazing today was!

After a six hour break at home, we headed to City Island as a guest of the Senators. They heard about Tori’s bucket list and, they not only sent us tickets (and got us amazing seats!), but they also arranged for us to have a tour of the stadium with the president of the ball club!

Tori did so well and was in her stroller, content, through the fourth inning. The weather was perfect and we think she really enjoyed being outside. There were lots of things to look at, new sounds, and a new environment, so she was definitely stimulated.

She got a little fussy when it was time for the tour because she was tired. Because of that, we held her instead of pushing her in her stroller as we walked around with Mr. Kevin Kulp, the president of the Harrisburg Senators ball club.

He took us to the locker room and showed us around the stadium, and it was fascinating. He talked about the effects of Tropical Storm Lee in 2011 and what they have done to try to prevent water from getting into the stadium in the future. He was so knowledgeable!

After the tour, he took us to the team store and told us to pick out whatever we wanted as a gift from him to us! We were blown away!

We picked out a onesie and a hat for Tori, a shirt for me, and then he insisted that Brennan pick out a jersey and a hat! His generosity with his time and with these gifts was amazing, and we feel so blessed.

On top of that, we entered the 50/50 drawing because it was going to a worthy cause, and WE WON. We never win anything like that! The money will go into Tori’s account for future adventures or whatever comes our way.

We also were recognized by two Team Tori members – one was even wearing her Team Tori shirt! We are so humbled that people follow Tori’s (and our) journey closely enough that they recognize us in public.

Because of Team Tori members sending us vouchers for games, we were able to take friends of ours with us, AND we will get to go to another game in the next couple of weeks! We can wear our new gear!

Our hearts are so full tonight after all of these adventures, and we are so thankful for all who have made this possible. In the midst of the toughest season of our lives, the blessings continue to pour in and we are so filled with joy as we live life to the fullest with Tori because of so many of YOU and your love.

Thank you SO much, Harrisburg Senators – and especially Mr. Kulp – for hosting us tonight! And thank you Kim Albert (and family) and Jen Gould for the vouchers! They are so appreciated!

Tori’s first baseball game was a success! Lots of photos below 🙂

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