Dreams of Healing, Part Five

People continue to have dreams about Tori being healed and it fills our hearts with cautious hope.

Please continue to share your dreams with us!

I just woke up from a dream that I had gotten to meet her and was holding her and she was cooing and smiling away.

My three year old has been talking non-stop about Tori today. Said he had a dream about her birthday and playing with her and her orange binky.

Last night was the first time I had a dream about Tori. I was going with Lesa and Brennan to one of Tori’s doctor appointments, sitting in the back with her. I was talking to her and she smiled! A huge smile, and then she started to “talk” – it was baby talk and most of it we couldn’t understand but we were all so excited and laughing! She had great head control, her smiles were big and she was happy! I remember thinking a switch flipped and she was getting better!

In this dream I was teaching and Tori was in the class I was teaching. I remember thinking inside my dream that I knew God would heal her.

I had a dream last night, you and Tori were in it! She was laughing and crawling, and she even said NO! With quite some authority! I’m sure there was more, but I cannot remember it. You were both smiling and laughing. It was beautiful.

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