Pittsburgh, Round Three: Day One

We traveled back to Pittsburgh last night for our third visit to Dr. Escolar and her clinic.

Such a beautiful sky!   


We arrived at our hotel around 9:45pm, and Tori slept the entire way in “her” van! That was such a blessing. 

Tori requires a lot of stuff 😄


Our morning started early and we got to the hospital around 8:30am. Tori was wide-awake and content. 


Dr. Escolar evaluated Tori and asked us questions about her current state. We were able to ask questions of her, as always, and we received the results of our genetic testing from months ago. 

To summarize, we both carry the same gene mutation (early infantile form) and Tori has the same mutation (sometimes it can be different).

After her appointment we headed to the zoo, as you saw in the last blog post. 

We were unable to stay at the Ronald McDonald House as we had planned because they were fully booked. 

Thankfully, thanks to our Team Tori account, we were able to book a last minute hotel room with a freezer for her breastmilk.  

What a blessing to have those funds and not worry about how to pay for things like this when we come out for her appointments!


Our view…
Huge thanks to the Howard family for having dinner delivered to us! It was delicious! We so appreciate the amazing support you are whenever we visit for Tori’s appointments ❤️

Tomorrow is the big day – several tests, more evaluation, and the MRI. 

Please pray that Tori will do well and tolerate everything that she will go through tomorrow, and, of course, continue to pray for a miracle.

One thought on “Pittsburgh, Round Three: Day One

  1. Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers. I love your Tori bucket list. Thank you for sharing your experiences Lesa.


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