Tori’s Bucket List: See Giraffes (Pittsburgh Zoo Edition)

Thanks to the Children’s Hospital, Jeanine Pittman,  Molly Howard, and Tracy Gray, we had a wonderful visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Tracy organized a special experience for Tori where she got to feel many small animals and see them up close!

She touched a rabbit, a chinchilla, an armadillo, a snake, and others not pictured below!


She wasn’t asleep the whole time 😉

Then the highlight: giraffes.
We ate at a restaurant right by the giraffes and the picture below shows our view – it was awesome!

Tori had a great nap during lunch and was alert and attentive for the giraffes, which made us happy ❤️


We didn’t get to feed the giraffes because they only do that on specific days, so we changed this bucket list item to be “See giraffes” and will add another line about feeding them.

We walked around the zoo some more and she seemed to enjoy the perfect weather and all of the sights and sounds.

We saw these two giraffes in the gift shop, as well as a Christmas ornament giraffe, and they just had to join Tori’s collection. 😄

I have plenty of photos on my actual camera but can’t access those until we get home.

Thanks to all who made this possible! It was a really fun day!

3 thoughts on “Tori’s Bucket List: See Giraffes (Pittsburgh Zoo Edition)

  1. Hovatters Zoo near Morgantown WV lets you feed giraffes every day, so if you decide you’d like to try it, you’re more than welcome to set up a home base in our house for the weekend.


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