Pittsburgh, Round Three: Day Two

Today was a very busy day and we are all so tired. 

We started with Tori’s vision and physical therapy evaluations at Dr. Escolar’s office.

We then ran to the other side of the hospital for her Nerve Conduction Study, which was thankfully MUCH more gentle than the adult version (I have had 4-5 of them so I was nervous for her). 

We checked in for her MRI and they gave her a colorful pinwheel that she enjoyed watching.


They took her back for anesthesia and the MRI around 1:30pm and they came to get us around 3:40pm. She did well and seems to be herself again!

I haven’t mentioned this before, but we were slightly nervous about her having anesthesia this time. Many Krabbe families have seen further regression/disease progression after anesthesia and, though she can’t regress much more than she did immediately in January (smiling, talking, laughing, moving, etc.), we were nervous that it would have the same effect on her as it has to others. 

Since she does still vocalize, that is what I was most concerned about this time. But she woke up and vocalized! Praise the Lord.

She then had an x-ray to check her hips to make sure they are in place before she starts using her stander.

We will receive all results via a phone call from Dr. Escolar next week. 

While we pray for miraculous improvement in her brain, we are realistic and are prepared for whatever news comes our way.

We are headed home, exhausted, but happy with how things went.


If you could please pray for me (Lesa), I am feeling a little abnormal and think I may be getting a cold. It is likely a sinus infection from allergies if anything, but since it is important for Tori to remain healthy, I must remain healthy! Please pray for protection for her against any illness.

Thank you all for praying us through this trip! 

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