Tori’s First Birthday Party (Six Weeks Later)

On July 25, we celebrated Tori’s first birthday (a few days early). I realized recently that I hadn’t blogged any of the amazing photos from Katie Bingaman for those who aren’t on Facebook! She did a great job of capturing the emotions of the day, as you will see. The gallery below is only a small portion of the images we received.

We decided to make this party HUGE because, for Tori, making it to one year is a huge deal. So, we invited all our friends and family and about 150 were in attendance.

We used Tori’s giraffe collection as the decorations, which made it both sweet and inexpensive 🙂 Our families were a huge help in the set-up, clean-up, cooking, and decorating departments, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Her cake was made for free by Icing Smiles, Inc. and the baker did a great job! The organization provides beautiful cakes for children like Tori who are terminally or chronically ill. The giraffe cake was perfect for Tori.

Thank you all for making Tori’s birthday such an amazing celebration ❤

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