Tori’s Bucket List: Go to the Beach and Build a Sandcastle 

Tori got to go to the beach today!

This was a “must”for her Bucket List since I’m from California and we both love the ocean. She loves the sound of the ocean because we use that sound at night, so we were excited to take her to the real thing!

We had planned to spend a few hours at the beach but it was incredibly windy – so windy that our beach umbrella was trying to fly away even when Brennan was holding it! One of the locals said it was like a nor’easter without the snow.

So, we spent about an hour there, building a sand castle (thanks to Aunt Cheyenne for the kit!) and letting Tori experience the Jersey Shore.  We will try again tomorrow 😄

Special thanks to the Charyna family for allowing us to spend the weekend in their beautiful condo! ❤️

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