Our Quinn’s List Experience: Magic Kingdom, Day One

We were so blessed with amazing weather today! It started out really warm but a rain storm dropped the temperature and humidity and it was perfect!

The only snag today was a miscommunication from the hotel that led to us missing the shuttle to the park this morning. Thankfully they figured out a solution and we go to the park only an hour later than we had hoped.

 We did some shopping, with one goal in mind: to find the Mickey ears so that we could personalize them for Parker, Tori’s Krabbe buddy who passed away yesterday. His parents inspired us to create a bucket list for Tori and that list is the reason we are even at Disney World! So we will give his parents these Mickey ears in his honor ❤️

The park was fairly empty today so we were able to ride a lot of rides! Tori rode Peter Pan, Ariel, It’s a Small World, Dumbo, Jungle Cruise.

We met lots of characters and saw a parade. Minnie was so sweet and was excited that Tori was dressed as her ❤️

 Because of Tori’s situation, the park was so accommodating and we didn’t have to wait in line much at all. They were so helpful to us!

Tori is worn out from all the excitement and will be well-rested for Animal Kingdom tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Our Quinn’s List Experience: Magic Kingdom, Day One

  1. Our son used to work in Magic Kingdom, operated Dumbo and Barstormer. His girlfriend is still a castmember in Magic Kingdom, specificaly in The Circus (dumbo etc) and their greatest joy is for kids like Tori to come through and for them, as castmembers, be able to provide a lifetime of memories in one short ride. Enjoy your stay.


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