Tori’s MRI Results

I spoke with Dr. Escolar this morning and received the results of Tori’s August MRI.

Dr. Escolar said that the volume of her brain has shrunk further and there is more atrophy of her cortex.

There is dried blood in the membrane around the brain (subdural hydroma) that should reabsorb on its own.

Her spinal nerves have not changed though they are somewhat swollen – which is normal for Krabbe babies.

No change in the brain stem or the optic nerve.

She has mild hip dysplasia and is at risk for subluxation. This will be helped by her stander.

Her bone density is slightly lower. This will also be helped by her stander and by giving her vitamin D and calcium supplements.

Overall her peripheral nerves are functioning at about 50%, which correlates with the spinal nerve findings.

Bottom line: the disease in the brain is more acute than her peripheral nerves.

So, overall it is a mix of good and not as good news. The good news is that she is still doing relatively well and the brain stem is normal (the stem controls so much).

The not so good news is that she still has a severe form of Krabbe. But, despite that fact, she is still doing so well!

While we didn’t get the miracle we prayed for, we still praise the Lord that He is protecting her from added pain and that she is content.

One thought on “Tori’s MRI Results

  1. I am sorry that the miracle we were all praying for did not happen but I am glad to hear the good news about her brain stem! She is so sweet and beautiful! I love seeing all the pictures of her bucket list! Much love to your family and as always, you are in my prayers.


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