Tori’s Bucket List: Meet Brant Hansen

When I first moved to Pennsylvania I discovered a wonderful human named Brant Hansen. Brant has many talents, and the way I found out about him was through the radio. He hosted a morning show on our local WordFM station that almost made me enjoy mornings. Almost. It definitely made our commute much more enjoyable!

In the years since we have come to appreciate Brant for so much more. He is a passionate spokesperson for CURE International, he loves Jesus and challenges us to think about things in different ways, he wrote an incredible book called Unoffendable (which is also so challenging), and he’s funny. Truly hilarious at times.

We have WordFM on constantly at home so we hear Brant’s show every afternoon. Brant’s show is often a topic of conversation in our home, and we are so thankful for him.

So, once we found out that he and his wife were moving to Harrisburg so that he could work for CURE, we were so excited. We added “meet Brant Hansen” to Tori’s list not thinking that it was very likely to happen…

…until our pastor told us that Brant would be speaking at our church, Transcend Church, in October!

I wrote to Brant earlier in the week to introduce our family and tell him briefly about Tori so that we could avoid small talk (something neither Brant nor myself enjoy) and so that he was aware of her Bucket List (and his presence on it). He replied the next day and said he looked forward to meeting Tori!

Brant came over briefly before church started and then came over again afterward to talk to us and to Tori. He talked to Tori about her giraffe, her headband, and many other things, spending about ten minutes with her overall. His kindness meant so much to us.

Tori truly seemed to recognize his voice and her eyes got big while he talked. Since he’s on the radio every weekday in our house or car, it makes sense that she would know his voice!

Thank you, Brant, for coming to meet our Tori and to spend time with her. ❤ If she is healed this side of Heaven, you better believe she’ll keep listening to you on the radio. 🙂

Update: Brant surprised us by not only sharing this post on his Facebook page and tweeting about it, but also by talking about Tori on his radio show yesterday!

You can hear it here:

Or on their podcast:

He talks about her at 19:26, but the whole show is worth listening to 😉

4 thoughts on “Tori’s Bucket List: Meet Brant Hansen

  1. Brant definitely makes the commute a lot better! My schedule has changed so I don’t get to hear it on the air much, but sometimes I catch the podcasts…and still have to read Unoffendable! 🙂


  2. Brant’s Facebook post actually is what introduced me to you all! 🙂
    I knew about Krabbe disease already as a little girl in my state had it. (I followed her family’s Facebook page.) They are trying to get a newborn screening law passed here too (Maine).
    I am praying for you all. God is in control and it makes my heart happy that you trust Him. He’s got Tori in His hand! I love you all!

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