Tori’s Bucket List: Meet My Great-Great Grandmother

While we were planning our Arizona experience we found out that my dad’s grandmother was going to be in Mesa (she’s a “snowbird” 😉 ) and we were so excited! It had been a while since we had seen her and our visit exceeded our expectations!

We got to introduce Tori to her great-great grandmother and had the most wonderful time with her. Tori was so comfortable with her and the love between them was obvious.

She showed us around the resort where she lives each winter and we were impressed by the activities offered (and by the cacti that were taller than the houses!). It really is a great place and she is so happy to be there.

We are so blessed to have Grandma Helen in our lives and I can’t wait to see her again! ❤

One thought on “Tori’s Bucket List: Meet My Great-Great Grandmother

  1. Those pictures are so beautiful.. and Tori’s great great grandmother on looks only old enough to be a grandmother.. Not a grandmother with two greats in front of it..I guess that’s Arizona living..


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