Tori’s Bucket List: Feed Giraffes (Philadelphia Edition)

As you know by now, the giraffe has become Tori’s mascot, so to speak. We have been told that whenever people see giraffes they think of – and pray for – Tori.

We were contacted by a Team Tori follower a couple of months ago about going to the Philadelphia Zoo to feed giraffes, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity!

Our expectations were shattered once the zookeeper came to facilitate the experience. We were RIGHT THERE with the giraffes, no huge fences separating us. It was amazing!

It was a perfect day – the weather, the fall foliage, the giraffe feeding, everything. We had such a great day as a family. Tori even got to experience face painting! 🙂

Thank you, Raynor Family, Danielle, and the Philadelphia Zoo for making this happen! ❤

One thought on “Tori’s Bucket List: Feed Giraffes (Philadelphia Edition)

  1. I went to the Phila zoo when I was a kid. One of the stand out vacation spots we went to. Still have the pictures and that was fifty years ago. Glad Tori got to see it..


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