Tori in the News 

It occurred to us a few days ago that perhaps Tori’s Bucket List could be a catalyst to get Krabbe in the news. After all, everyone loves a positive story about things like this, right?

So, I posted on my Facebook page as well as on Tori’s Triumph this morning, asking for any media connections that people may have so that we could get the word out, not expecting to hear anything for days or weeks.

Later this afternoon I got a call from CBS 21 here in Harrisburg asking me some questions; we then got another phone call at 6:30pm asking if the reporter could come by at 7:30pm! 

Funny connection: the reporter and I actually met a month ago when I was driving for UBER! He remembered me, too. Amazing how God creates what seem like totally random connections for a purpose.

They aired the interview at 10pm and 11pm and you can see it here.

Please share this like crazy – we need the word Krabbe to become so commonplace that the government will feel compelled to take action.

We are so thankful for these opportunities to make Krabbe known. Lives are at stake and we must get Krabbe added to every state’s newborn screenings! 

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