Tori’s Bucket List: See a Real Fire Truck

Tonight Tori was able to experience something really cool: a real fire truck!

The Hummelstown Fire Department invited us to come to their station for a tour and we were so excited to experience this with Tori.

Special thanks to the Fanning family for arranging this and for showing us around!

We were able to walk freely around the station, showing Tori the different pieces of equipment and letting her feel the different textures. Jeramie taught us about the life of a firefighter and explained what many of the pieces of equipment are used for.

Later, they turned on the lights on one of the trucks so that she could enjoy the lights – and she certainly did!

Jeramie and Rich gave her a Hummelstown Fire shirt and a very special patch (not sure of the proper term) that goes on their helmets.

They then took us for a ride, which was really neat. I can’t imagine driving one of those huge, heavy trucks! Tori really enjoyed the red lights in the back where we were sitting.

It was a really great experience and we can’t thank you enough for making this possible for Tori.

(Bonus points to the ones who can guess why we dressed her the way we did 😉 )

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