Tori’s Bucket List: See Reindeer at Hersheypark

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to go to Hersheypark’s Christmas Candylane. Brennan and I have gone almost every year that we have been together. We love the lights, the music, and, of course, the reindeer!

Since my parents surprised us by flying in for the weekend, we decided to go tonight instead of at the end of December as we had planned. We may go again then, too 😉

Our first stop was the reindeer, since that was the bucket list adventure we wanted to complete. Tori watched the reindeer move around and enjoy their dinner. She was alert and her eyes got big often. It was so neat to see.

We enjoyed seeing Tori’s reactions to the lights and the music. It wasn’t too cold, thankfully – about 40 degrees – and we kept Tori bundled up so that she was cozy.

I forgot my real camera at home so my iPhone had to suffice. ❤

Thanks to Karina Boucher for providing the tickets for my parents!

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