Bingo Night Fundraiser 

On Friday night, a fundraiser was held for our family, and it was a wonderful fun-filled evening.

This fundraiser is just one of many examples we can give of God using this tragedy in our lives to bring people together, and an example of strangers becoming friends as they rally around our family to help however they can.

My mom is a Thirty-One consultant, and when Tori was diagnosed she had shared with her fellow consultants about the situation to ask for prayer. One of the consultants, Meagan Warehime, was particularly touched by Tori’s story and wanted to help. She lives only an hour away from us.

She contacted us months ago about wanting to do a fundraiser to help us out with our expenses related to Tori, and we were so humbled by – and grateful for – her request.

But Meagan didn’t just put together a bingo: she also blessed our family with a few surprises, including a gift basket, Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us (they don’t normally send him to small events like this, but Theresa pulled it off!), AND she encouraged my parents to fly in from California! That was the best surprise of all.

CBS21 also came out to film some footage of the event and interviewed Brennan, but I’m not sure that it has been on the air yet. I will post a link if one becomes available.

Altogether, she and her team raised $2,200 for our family at a much needed time, as our “Team Tori” fund was depleted in July by the purchase of “Tori’s Van” 🙂 These funds will be so helpful in January when our deductible will need to be paid once again. Thank you for relieving that burden of medical expenses!

The words “thank you” aren’t nearly enough, but we wanted to specifically thank Meagan, her husband Matt, their daughter Jenna, Vanessa Clark, Theresa Zikis, Ken Clark, and Terri Cook. Your hard work is so appreciated!

Thank you to the numerous sponsors who covered all the expenses of the event!

Thank you, also, to all those who came to play bingo! Your love and support for Tori and for us is overwhelming.

Here are some pictures from the evening, mostly thanks to my parents – I was so focused on keeping Tori happy (she had shots that morning and wasn’t feeling happy) and playing bingo that I forgot to take many pictures!

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