Tori’s Bucket List: Pedicure with Mama

Being raised in California, pedicures have long been a favorite of mine.

When I was pregnant with Tori, my mom took me to get a pedicure for Mother’s Day and it was the first time we had done that together.

It quickly became something I wanted to do with Tori (and any daughters that may follow) so I added it to Tori’s bucket list.

Karen – a neighbor who has become so dear to us – set it up at a local salon and made it her treat. She even took us to Starbucks beforehand! 😄

Our friend Shannon happened to be in town so she came along to take pictures; so, between my phone and her photography skills we captured this adventure well.

We met Gail in the lobby and she said that she has been following Tori so she was so excited to be the one to do our pedicures. ❤️

Tori went first and Gail was so nervous about doing her nails because they are so tiny. I reassured her that I was not expecting perfection – I just wanted the experience with my daughter. Tori’s nails are so incredibly tiny and I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but Gail did a great job!

Tori enjoyed the experience and stayed awake for hers. She napped during mine, which was wonderful because I was able to fully enjoy the experience and didn’t have to worry about caring for her constantly.

Thank you, Karen, Gail, and Shannon for making this possible! ❤️

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