Tori’s Bucket List: Ride Santa’s Surprise Train

Our local railroad does special Christmas-themed train rides after Thanksgiving. Brennan and I took a train ride with them two years ago (read about it here) and we knew it would be a perfect bucket list adventure for Tori!

So, I called to buy our tickets a few weeks ago and I asked the woman on the phone if Tori’s adaptive stroller would work on the train and explained the situation. She was so kind and said they could even put us in our own area away from others to hopefully avoid germs – so thoughtful!

I received our tickets a week or so later and there was a special note inside, saying that they weren’t going to charge us for the tickets and they wanted us to be their guests for the day. We were so surprised and grateful for their unexpected kindness!

When we got there they also gave Tori a shirt and a conductor’s hat. So sweet!

Meanwhile, Brennan realized that the suction machine was in the van…and so were our keys. Thankfully, the police station was right across the street and they came over immediately to help us out! Thanks, Middletown Police!

We boarded the train, which was decorated in lights and other Christmas decor, and enjoyed the Christmas music as we headed down the tracks.

Soon, Santa and Mrs. Claus came around with a gift for each child and they were so kind.

Even though Tori just wanted to take a nap, it was still a wonderful experience.

Thank you, Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad for your kindness and generosity!


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