Tori’s Bucket List: Cut Our Own Christmas Tree

One of my favorite traditions growing up was going into the mountains to cut our own Christmas tree each year as a family. 

We would take hot cocoa in a thermos, play in the snow (because in Northern California you GO to the snow, it doesn’t come to you), and have a great day together.

When Brennan and I began discussing which traditions we wanted to incorporate into our own family, this was high up on the list for us.

On Sunday afternoon we met our friends, the Lindseys, at McCurdy’s Tree Farm in Dillsburg to find our tree.

Tori loves being outside and she was so alert and wide-eyed the entire time! It was so fun to let her feel the fir needles (she wasn’t a fan 😉) and experience this with her.

Thanks to our friends for helping with Tori and also taking pictures for us. The photos in the gallery below are a mixture of ones taken by me and Matt Lindsey.


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