Tori’s Bucket List: Go To a Philadelphia Flyers Game

Any children of ours will grow up to be Philadelphia fans if Brennan has anything to say about it. Brennan loves the Phillies, Eagles, and, of course, the Flyers. This was an easy addition to Tori’s adventures!

A Team Tori friend saw this on Tori’s bucket list and not only contacted the Flyers about donating tickets (which they did), but she also surprised us and contacted Courtyard by Marriott to ask them to donate a room for us since the game was at night on a Tuesday (and they did!).

When we arrived at the hotel before the game, she had also brought us a bag of snacks, water, and a few other things, like the Flyers ornament in the pictures below!

Thank you, Victoria, for making this happen!

Another Team Tori friend had a headband made specifically for this adventure and we LOVE it! It was so perfect! Thank you, Brittany!

Special thanks to the Flyers organization for making special accommodations for Tori so that we could have the best possible evening with her. Michael in Ticket Sales ensured that we had accessible seats and then helped us have access to an outlet for Tori’s suction machine, which isn’t holding a charge lately. Our ushers, Sarah and Marti, were so sweet and kind to us!

Tori enjoyed the lights of the pre-game events and didn’t mind the loud music. It was very chilly where we were sitting because the air vents were blowing directly on us, so Brennan went back to the car and got a second blanket for Tori to make sure she was warm enough.

After the first period it was apparently nap time 😉

Even though the Flyers lost in a shootout, it was still a great evening! We’re so thankful for all who made this possible!

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